My Story

After working in the oil industry for 5 years I started to realize it was not the career I was set out to have. As a mother of two small boys, being able to be there for them was hard while working as many hours as I did. When the oil industry dropped to its lowest, as part of the down turn, I was let go of my job. I was very nervous about what was going to happen next. How would I provide for my kids with just my husband working? What were we going to do?

I have dreamed for many years of owning my own boutique, but I just didn’t have the time to put into really trying to make it work. Then my husband was part of the next downturn and lost his job. I realized now was my time. There are so many boutiques; what would I do to make mine different from all the others to be successful? I then realized that I had to try and figure that out.

This is how Modern Charm Boutique was born. With loving support from my mom and all my family and friends, I started putting all the pieces together. I would start small and launch an online website and see where it goes. My mission is provide a shopping experience for all ages, sizes and gender.